10 Ways to Get More YouTube Views

It is common knowledge that YouTube receives on average 24 hours’ worth of video uploads every minute, meaning that it would take almost 1,500 people working non-stop to watch all new video content as it is published.  And with so much content being created, it can be difficult for anyone to get their message heard, especially when their content is part of a more populated niche.

But getting more YouTube views certainly is not impossible, and with the right practices, just about anyone can get more views and likes on their videos without much time or effort.  And for anyone willing to put in that time and effort, the following is a list of the top ten proven ways to get more YouTube views.

1. Video File Naming

It is not commonly known, but the name you give to your video file prior to uploading it to YouTube has bearing on YouTube’s own evaluation of that content during processing. This means that videos left untitled or titled inappropriately may either be punished or subject to extra scrutiny by YouTube during the time you upload that content. In practice this means that if you were to upload a video about beach volleyball at Laguna Beach, you would want to name your video file something like “Laguna_Volleyball.mov” as opposed to “Untitled_13.mov.”

2. Video Titles

The title if your video is one of the two most important factors that might entice someone to click on your content. Consequently, naming your video with appealing keywords is the first step in post-production that you can take towards earning the clicks that will ultimately turn into likes and sharing.

To use our Laguna Beach example again, you might discover that while the most accurate name for your volleyball video would be “Laguna Beach Volleyball Game”, a more enticing title may include important keywords written in an appealing way like “Best Pro Beach Volleyball Spikes.” Naming your content in this manner is also one of your best chances of ending up in the related videos section of YouTube which is one of the best ways to draw viewership.

3. Video Descriptions

Whenever you can, you should give a full and accurate description in the video description section while posting your content. YouTube tries to discern what your content is in order to return the highest quality search results to users for any particular keywords, and keyword-rich video descriptions are your best shot at letting YouTube know exactly what your video is all about. It is also important to remember that if you do not pair keywords with quotation marks, YouTube will treat these words as separate and unrelated.

4. Tags

Tagging your videos with related keywords is a crucial step towards developing your video’s SEO profile. Tagging your videos appropriately is also how you get your video into the hands of those who are searching for particular keywords. It is important to be innovative and thoughtful in tagging your videos so you capture the widest possible audience, but it is just as important to remain somewhat accurate in your description so your content is not glossed over by viewers that are looking for something else when your view appears in their search.

5. Share and Promote Aggressively

YouTube has a mild preference for new content and consequently gives new releases more opportunity to rank well in the days immediately following their release. In order to take advantage of this, it is important to heavily promote your video in the week following its release to the public more so than at any other time.

6. Video Responses

Underestimating the power of video responses is one of the most serious mistakes any content producer can make. Whenever you attach your video as a video response to another popular video on YouTube, you can guarantee that the popularity of that video will help provide a lasting boost in traffic to your own video in the weeks to come. While already popular videos can promise you a steady stream of residual traffic, you will get even better returns if you can jump on board videos that will become popular as they are just released in order to fully capitalize on the size of their viewership.

7. Encourage Audience Participation

If you have ever spent time on YouTube you have certainly heard or seen content producers encourage their audiences to share, rate, and like their videos before. There are at least three reasons for this. First, it allows you to create a community of active participation among your viewership that will encourage anyone who appreciated your content to continue to participate in future videos. Second, it helps to spread your video both inside and outside of YouTube in a way that does not require any effort on your own part. Last but not least, people are forgetful and simply reminding users to like your videos can have a drastic effect on how often your content is rated and consequently how many people will end up seeing your content.

8. Embed Your Content

Whenever you embed your content on other sites it creates a link to your video that will produce additional views that does not require users to be redirected to YouTube. Fortunately, embedding your videos is easy since YouTube provides all the necessary embedding code though your own channel. Embedding is also an easy way for your friends or associates to share your content without having to redirect viewers to another site.

9. Annotations

Whenever you see a text bubble pop over a video that tells you to subscribe or rate a video, you are seeing an author’s video annotation. Annotations are one of the best ways to direct viewers not only to subscribe and rate your content but also to redirect them to other video content that you have produced before. If you post an annotation at the end of your video that redirects your viewer to another video you have made, you can quickly turn one view into two or three with little extra work.

10. Purchase Views

If you have ever seen a video with a few million views and thousands of likes after only a few hours of being live on YouTube, you may have wondered how that video became so successful overnight. While viral marketing can produce exactly that kind of phenomenal success, it is important to note that even major content producers and large corporations often opt to purchase views and likes to help lend immediate credibility to the video in an attempt to help it become viral.

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