5 Ways to Get More Followers on Tumblr

While it’s true that Tumblr is a fairly unique social media site and the ins and outs of the platform are equally distinctive, understanding how to create an effective page and develop a mature following is far from rocket science. If you follow these simple tips and work diligently on your content, gaining your next few thousand followers will be a breeze. While the process may initially be slow and gradual, rest assured that there is a simple and surefire formula for success on Tumblr.

1. Like, Comment, and Reblog

Like any social networking site, in essence Tumblr is a social experience. If you want to attract new visitors and ultimately turn those visitors into followers, you’ll need to participate in the social elements of the site. This includes commenting, reblogging, and liking content from other’s blogs. With just a little social interaction, you can start to get your content more exposure and your account more followers by doing little more than being friendly to peers. After all, reblogged content is one of the largest sources of followers on Tumblr.

2. Tag Everything

Much like Twitter, Tumblr operates a tagging system as the means for organizing the diverse range of content and interests on the site. Much like on Twitter, broader tags on Tumblr get the most attention. Broad tags include things like love, fashion, and food. However, general tagging isn’t enough.  You also want your tags to be both specific and accurate. Your content may be seen by more eyes in a general audience, but the eyes that want to see your content will find it through very specific tags.

Furthermore, it’s important that you use the appropriate amount of tags for your posts. A good number to aim for is between three and five on every image. While you could tag as many as ten times per image safely, tagging more than ten times is inadvisable. Tumblr has been known to interpret over-tagging images as intentional flooding and may take action against your account.

3. Post Content Worth Following

The great thing about Tumblr is that you don’t have to keep posting original content at all times in order to keep your blog alive and active. Your content just has to remain relevant to the message of your page, whatever that may be. Just about every blog on Tumblr will reblog appropriate content from similarly themed blogs.

But in selecting the content that you post and reblog, it’s also important you have a laser-like focus for your content.  Tumblr has millions of blogs, and most of these blogs are generalized. You’ll find personal photos, funny images of cats, political posts, satirical video clips, and so on, all on the same page.

Getting noticed on Tumblr requires that you stand out from the crowd, and standing out means focusing not being a generalist and focusing your page on single elements. After all, the broader the scope of your blog’s content is, the more interests your readership will have to share with you in order to be interested in becoming a follower.

4. Use a Follow Back Service

There are a number of third party follow-back services for Tumblr that allow you to gain hundreds of followers in only moments. However, be warned that this approach has both pros and cons. The single greatest benefit from using such a service is the sheer quantity of followers that your blog will be able to quickly obtain. If your bottom line is more eyes on your content, then using a follow back service will work splendidly.

On the other hand, the followers you gain from such a service, having not been genuinely earned, are liable to have very low engagement with your page. If you do decide to go the route of follow back services, remember that some of the most popular tags for participants include #followback, #follow, #f4f, and #following.

5. Make it Sharp

The first thing anyone notices when they visit your blog for the first time isn’t the content, it’s the theme. Of all the social networking sites available today, there’s no question that Tumblr offers the most customizable pages of any service. And because you can directly edit your page’s HTML from the user dashboard, you achieve just about any type of effect or theme that you can imagine. Not making a highly customized and distinctive theme is one of the most common mistakes new users on Tumblr will make. Neglecting to fully utilize Tumblr’s high degree of customizability is a mistake that few pages can survive.

Lastly, it’s also important that your theme facilitates the type of content that you’re going to post. For example, if you’re running a blog that will be posting a significant amount of text content, you need a theme that provides large, readable text. If you’re going to be using video content, you need to make sure that your page can present full streaming video without clipping the image. Your content may be the best online, but if your presentation is left wanting, your follower count will undoubtedly suffer.

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