30 Twitter Lingo, Slang, and Abbreviations

Requiring users to remain terse with a 140 character limit, Twitter users rely on slang and abbreviation to get their message across. Learning the language of Tweets is an important part in getting accustomed to the world’s third largest social media platform.

While there are nearly a hundred commonly used abbreviations on Twitter, here are some of the more common ones with an explanation appropriate to their complexity.

Commonly Used Twitter Lingo, Slang, and Abbreviation

  1. RT – Retweet; taking someone’s tweet and posting it as your own. RT is typically added as a disclaimer to prevent accusations of plagiarism as well as to source the original poster.
  2. OH – Overheard; commonly used when traveling, overheard is used almost as a substitute for quotation marks.
  3. DM – Direct Message, twitter allows private messages between users through the direct message system. Usually DM is
    used to request discussions be taken to private messages.
  4. MT – Modified Tweet. Like a retweet, a modified tweet is usually deployed in order to shorten a Tweet to add comments given the strict character limit.
  5. FF – FollowFriday. One of the most popular tags since the early days of Twitter, FollowFriday tags are used to promote the Twitter followers that you like the most.
  6. ICYMI – In case you missed it; popularly attached to tweets that are reposted from the same individual incase the initial tweet had been missed.
  7. Selfie – A self- shot photo, especially one that includes the right or left arm extended within the camera shot.
    CT – Cut Tweet; refers to a retweet that has been shortened from the original text.
  8. Tweetup – A meet- up in the real world between Twitter users.
  9. TMB – Tweet me back; a request for a response.
  10. HT – Hat Tip; used to compliment another user.
  11. Dweet – Slang for tweet sent by a drunken user.
  12. HTH – Happy to help, hope that helps.
  13. TFTF – Thanks for the follow.
  14. PPL – People.
  15. BTW – By the way.
  16. FTW – For the win.
  17. FTL – For the lose.
  18. F2F – Face to Face.
  19. Twart – Twitter art.
  20. SM – Social Media.
  21. SB – Small Business.
  22. NTS – Note to self.
  23. IDC – I don’t care.
  24. IDK – I don’t know.
  25. FOTD – Find of the day.
  26. GTS – Guess the song.
  27. HAND – Have a nice day.
  28. IMO – In my opinion.
  29. S/O – Shout out.
  30. NSFW – Not safe for work.

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