SEOPressor Review

In the battle to promote your product or service effectively online, good search engine optimization is vital. The SEOPressor plugin for WordPress claims to have a lot of the answers – and to be easy to use – but what does it actually do and, considering the remarkably low price, is it worth the money?

The SEO Story

The history of SEO has, to some extent, been a contest between online marketers and programmers finding ways to trick the search engines… and the search engines then catching up and wiping out any advantage. There have been things like invisible text, tag and ping, keyword stuffing, etc.

Whether you understand any of this isn’t actually important. If you want to build a serious business online and profit from the huge opportunity the internet represents, the only thing you really need to know is that today, these tricks are a complete waste of time. Google knows what you’re up to – so do Bing, Yahoo, etc.

The only way to approach SEO professionally is to work with the search engines, not against them. That’s where SEOPressor comes in.

Expert Level Skills Regardless of Experience

The beauty of most WordPress plugins is how quick and simple they are to get working. SEOPressor is no different, just follow the usual upload and activate routine and it’s ready for use. A couple of minutes, tops.

Starting to use it is equally straight-forward and, unlike a lot of free WordPress plugins, there’s extensive assistance at every step.

This wouldn’t be a complete review without some reference to the alternatives available. The challenge with them is not that they don’t do some things quite well, but rather that they are complex to learn. To get the best out of any SEO plugin it has to be something you’re comfortable with, so using it becomes part of what you do all the time. If you have to keep referring back to documentation in another location, it’s going to slow you down. You’ll simply stop doing it.

So the fact that SEOPressor offers on-screen analysis as you work is a tremendous bonus. Whether or not you need the extensive tutorials they provide, it’s like having an expert sat alongside you, helping you improve your rankings.

Step by Step

Optimization can be a confusing area. There are a number of elements to getting it right each of them important over time. One major advantage with SEOPressor’s approach is the way it introduces you to the basics and gets you comfortable with on-page optimization before moving on to more advanced tactics. Let’s just look at that in a bit more detail.

You’ve doubtless done some work with identifying keywords – one of the underlying principles of all good SEO. The challenge is in getting the balance right. Not enough and you’re not really having any impact. Too many and you’ll be regarded as overloading or “stuffing” your page.

So what if every time you refreshed your content you had your work analyzed using the same kind of algorithms Google use? What if you got keyword density displayed, or potential over-optimization flagged up? What’s more, you can check whenever you want, so you know exactly what’s improving your ranking and what isn’t. It’s quick too, so it doesn’t break your train of thought as you work.

And that’s just the start. You’ll quickly master on-page analysis and move on to things like linking, meta descriptions and alt tags for images. Before you know it you’ll be developing content that incorporates advanced LSI (latent semantic indexing). These are skills you only pick up by working with a plugin that understands the way the search engines want the information presented. You learn not by reading, but by doing. These aren’t vague theories, they’re things that can bring virtually instant benefits to your online business.

Why Not Automate?

It’s tempting to look at SEO plugins that claim to do everything for you automatically – and to wonder why you need to put the work in. The truth is, while automation can have some effect in the short-term, it’s been proved time and time again that long-term success comes from providing content that satisfies two requirements: it has value to your site visitor – and is perceived as valuable by search engine algorithms.

You know what makes your product or service special. What SEOPressor does is help you communicate that information in a way that is likely to get your message to the most people in the shortest possible time. It’s not done with tricks or dodgy tactics, it’s done by understanding and implementing what works today – and will continue to work tomorrow.

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