9 Pinterest Boards Ideas for Content Marketing

Many businesses boast that Pinterest drives more website traffic than all of the other networks combined. But you still think it isn’t for you – just because you aren’t posting pictures of cupcakes, gardens and women’s fashion. Think again. Pinterest is perfect for content marketing.

So how do you leverage Pinterest and make it part of your content marketing landscape? By implementing these nine killer Pinterest boards and posting to them regularly:

1. Video Board

Create a board that contains videos that showcase about your professionalism or create videos that give viewers insider tips about your industry. Video is effective because it conveys your personality better than most written content will do. Upload snippets of your last speaking engagement, a behind-the-scenes video of a day in your life or even customer testimonials for this board.

2. Favorite Client Board

Create a board praising current clients, partners or post testimonials about your business or brand. This fosters great relationships with current clients while attracting new business at the same time. If your clients pin your pins to their own board, you are leveraging their network alongside your own and increasing exposure to your brand.

3. Books You Love Board

Book recommendations are another great way to gain exposure on Pinterest. Create pins around monthly book reviews that you post on your blog.

4. Tips Board

Advice and how-to guides are the most re-pinned objects on Pinterest today. Post graphics containing some tips and tricks that help you or items of value that you have come across over the years.

5. Favorite Things Board

If you have a resource or a tool that you adore, share that information with your Pinterest audience. If you like it, chances are, so will they.

6. Competition Board

It’s smart business to know who your competition is. If you respect your competitors, creating a board that showcases your competition also showcases how you are different compared to your competitors. Having this Pinterest board in your online arsenal is a great way to get your foot in the door with new customers in the market to make a move.

7. Upcoming Events Board

Pin information about upcoming conferences or events you will be attending or featured in. This board should include snippets and commercials about any upcoming webinars and online meetings you host.

8. Infographic Board

Infographics are hot on Pinterest, and users love to share them. Create a board dedicated to nothing but infographics. To create branded infographics for your company, hire a graphic designer or use free online tools like Piktochart to create stunning, shareable infographics.

9. Inspirational Quotes Board

Create a board that includes your favorite quotes about success, hope, trials, tribulations, life advice or whatever you like.  Regardless, creating, branding and sharing an inspirational image or meme is a great way to find new followers, inspire others, and drive more traffic back to your website.

Any images or infographics you create and post to Pinterest can also be used elsewhere across the web. Use all of the graphics you create for Pinterest and put them on your blog or use them on other social media networks to increase exposure and cross promote the Pinterest boards you created.

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