11 Instagram Tips and Tricks

With millions of Instagram users posting millions of images every day, how can you stand apart from the rest? If you’re looking to improve your Instagram to gain followers and likes or even just trying to get the most out of your time on Instagram, these tips and tricks could help. For beginners and veterans alike, there’s something for everyone.

1. Use Your Normal Camera App

If you use an iPhone or any other device with high dynamic range imaging (HDR), you’ll get better shots of landscapes, sunny scenes, or anything high-contrast; but only if you take the photo using your standard camera app. While it will take slightly more effort to manually upload your photos to Instagram, it also means that you can save your original photos without a filter for later use. But if you do give this tip a try, remember that if your camera does not shoot in the 1:1 ratio that Instagram uses, you’ll have to crop your images before they can be posted.

2. Use an Editing App

You won’t need the power of Photoshop to get the most out of your Instagram photos, but a simple photo editing app can go a long way towards improving the quality of your images. There are several popular and free editing apps available online. One of the most popular is called Snapseed, which can help you flip, twist, or adjust your photos in order to make them attention magnets.  And similar apps like Ditpic are a great way to combine multiple photos into a single image, which can give your photos a distinctive look.

3. Get a Lens Accessory

The cameras that come pre-loaded with modern smartphones are quite impressive even without augmentation. For example, the iPhone 5 comes loaded with an 8 megapixel camera with HDR technology. With the aid of a cheap mobile lens accessory, you can double your phone’s field of view, or even use a fisheye lens to capture shots with 180 degree angles.

4. Tag Everything

Much like with Twitter, hash tags are the life blood of Instagram exposure. By incorporating hash tags into your content, you open your images up to the world of Instagram search traffic. And in doing so, you enter a community of users that share common interests. This makes it easy to find new people to follow as well as makes you more visible to potential followers. But remember to restrain yourself by keeping your tags relevant and few. No more than 10 tags per image is a good rule of thumb.

5. Follow Others

Like any social media network, Instagram is a social experience at heart. And with millions of diverse users from around the globe, there’s a huge variety of interesting photos that are being shared every day. After all, a huge part of the appeal of Instagram for many users is the ability to follow their favorite celebrity or make a new friend. And when you follow interesting people, you’ll get interesting photos in your feed.

6. Use Instagram Editing

After you’ve uploaded a photo to Instagram, but before applying a filter to that image, you can use the teardrop icon in order to blur a portion of your image. Blurring an image can be a simple and nonintrusive way to lend a stronger focus to a particular part of your image.

7. Caption and Locate

Apart from using hash tags to describe your images, make sure you always include a caption with your photo. Apart from being more personal, a caption helps your image to tell whatever story it has to tell. And remember that you can always tag other users by placing an @ symbol before their username. You can take your tagging one final step by using the Geotag option to show your location on your image to let the story of your photo be complete.

8. Share Cross-Platform

While the Instagram experience is almost entirely in-app, it would be foolish to be restricted to users of the service only. If your photos are worth seeing, they should be shared across your social networking. And it’s a breeze to integrate Instagram with Facebook and Twitter for one click sharing.

9. Gift your Pics

Upstarts like Casetagram, Postagram, and Stickygram can bring your images to life by printing them to custom phone cases, t-shorts, posters, stickers, and even postcards. Thanks to services like these, you can give your photos as a gift or design your own apparel straight from your Instagram. Look through your Instagram photos and see what you can think up!

10. Use Airplane Mode

If you want to filter your photos and save them without publishing any to your feed, you can put Instagram into airplane mode. This will allow you to save your photos without having to post them to Instagram. And because you don’t actually need to be on an airplane to use airplane mode, this feature makes for an excellent queue for your content delivery.

11. Post What’s Trending

If you want to be popular on Instagram, take look at the most popular images on Instagram. You’ll quickly find that there are reliable trends in what type of content catches on and what has mass appeal. Apart from viewing popular content directly through the Instagram app, you can view it online at websites like Populagram.appspot.com and see what kind of images get thousands of likes.

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