10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

From free to paid and clever to simple, there’s no shortage of ways to increase traffic to your site. Below you’ll find many of most effective tried and true methods of driving traffic, most of which can be utilized without having to spend a single cent.

Although creating traffic isn’t something that’s going to happen overnight, with these techniques and a little persistence your success is all but guaranteed.

1. Quality Content

Without question, the best way to draw traffic is as simple as having high quality content. The structure of the Internet continues to favor quality content year after year, from the latest changes to the Google algorithm to the viral promotion available through social networking sites, quality content is what will continue to drive traffic both today and in the future.

2. Index Your Site

Letting search engines know that you exist is the most important step towards generating organic traffic. Although Google will get around to indexing your site sooner or later regardless if you’ve manually submitted or not, it takes less time if you submit to Google webmaster on your own. And don’t stop there – make sure you index your site on as many major search engines as you can, including Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

3. AdWords Keyword Planner

Google AdWords offers a free keyword tool that can help you figure out exactly which keywords in your content are the best in practice for producing traffic for you. Armed with this information, it’s easy to make minor adjustments to your future content to optimize for those keywords. Just keep in mind that you should never reduce the quality of your content to stuff it with keywords, so be sure that all your keyword usage sounds organic.

4. Interlink Your Content

There’s a reason Wikipedia is at the top of so many search engine results. Like many organizations, Wikipedia has a built a huge network of internal links that help indicate the authority of your site to search engines. Linking your content to authoritative sites lends some of that authority to you, and internal linking of articles is a good way to drive up page views by linking to previous articles that are relevant to your new content.

5. Build Backlinks

Arguably speaking, the best way to build backlinks is by guest posting, meaning creating content posts for other sites or blogs that are relevant to your niche. Apart from the obvious benefit of being able to tap into the readership of whatever site your content is posted on, you’ve also managed to build a valuable backlink to your own content. This two-for-one traffic driver helps you both with short term traffic from your article getting read and long term traffic from your backlink boosting your visibility in search engines.

6. Use Social Networking

For every hour you spend working on a new piece of content for your site, you should spend an additional hour on promotion. Social networking is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to promote your content. From Facebook to Twitter, social networking offers a variety of opportunities to get your content in the eyes of a new audience and is a perfect medium to present share-worthy content.

7. Community Sites

Apart from guest posting, there are other ways to submit your content online that can get you some notoriety. Community sites in particular are always looking for new information and content, and community sites tend to have some of the higher authority scores from search engines within any given niche. Consequently, submitting content to a community site will help you both build authority and backlinks in one fell swoop.

8. Publish a Newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to increase visits to your site as well as to help your visitors become buyers if you run an ecommerce site. They’re adept at bringing people into the fold of the community you’re building, keeping your visitors up to date about changes to your niche, new products or services you offer, and reminding people who may not visit your site frequently that you exist.

9. Advertise

Pay per click advertising can be surprisingly affordable and effective when you’re only paying for actual clicks to your site from people who demonstrate an existing interest in the subject matter. Of course paid advertising isn’t the only way to get your name out there. Everything from word of mouth to your local yellow pages can work depending on your niche.

10. SEO Optimize Your Content

You may know a thing or two about the importance of keywords, but did you know that article titles with 70 characters (or fewer) that include a primary keyword alongside your brand name are considered SEO-optimal? Relatively minor changes to the way you write your content can mean substantial improvements in how search engines rank you.

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