How to Improve Alexa Rank?

First things first, Alexa ranking does NOT affect your search engine results and ranking at all. Let us just get that out of the way. Now, that being said, having a lower Alexa ranking is important as far as the probability of getting more revenue from your blog is concerned.

Do not be fooled though, Alexa ranking is perhaps the most important one yet on the web after your Google and other search engine rankings. This is because Alexa records the amount of traffic your site gets, mostly blogs, technology and design sites among others of the same caliber.

The thing about Alexa ranking is, it only records the hits that have passes through their system. Meaning, either you or your users have to have an Alexa toolbar installed if your ranking is going to go any lower.

Due to the algorithm Alexa uses, it has increasingly become important for many site owners who are keen on making money through their websites. Alexa records the number of hits your site gets, your backlink profile, page views as well as age group of visitors. All this is information that most advertisers deem important and these are some of the people you want paying close attention to your site.

Following are some of the most simple and useful ways to improve your Alexa ranking. Of course with the great internet there are other means and ways of doing things faster and with greater results. But these other methods are short lived.

Install the Alexa Toolbar and Widget

This is the most important activity after actually building the site you want ranked. Remember that Alexa only takes into account the visitors that go through their system. So either you or the user needs to have installed the Alexa toolbar on their browsers. We are guessing since this is more important to you than it is the viewer, you should be the one to take it upon yourself to make sure that you have the widget on your site and the toolbar on your browser. You can have it added on to your sidebar, or even footer area, pretty much anywhere that has site wide effect.

Claim the Website

Claiming your website on Alexa helps advertisers and anybody else that is interested to know just who exactly owns the site. Also by adding the Alexa generated meta tags to your site helps track it’s activities like, keywords, traffic, positioning and statistics such as how long it takes for your pages to load. This is all important information. What you need to do though, is remember to build good links, use keywords that are niche related and always use these keywords on your site’s Meta description.


We can divide this into two parts; first encourage your site visitors to leave positive reviews about your site on your site and second, review Alexa on yourself. All this goes into improving your ranking.

Build Backlinks

One of the ranking factors used by Alexa is the number of backlinks. Every unique referring domain is taken into account. It also counts the NoFollow backlinks just as well as the DoFollow ones. So feel free to build both types.
The easiest way to build backlinks from various different sites, since unique referring domains are a factor here, is to regularly comment on other blogs, or join and participate in forums and social networking sites.

Regularly Update Your Website

Even if we weren’t interested in improving your Alexa ranking, this is something that you should already be doing anyway, otherwise you will soon find yourself and your site relegated to the ‘irrelevant’ corner of the World Wide Web. By regularly updating your site, be it a blog, a design site or whatever your niche is, your Alexa ranking improves as well.

Remember, Alexa is updated regularly, so your best bet is to make sure your blog has great content thus assuring you of constant and unwavering followers who will no doubt refer others to you. That and make sure you carry out the above mention five steps.

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