How to Restore Website in DreamHost

Your DreamHost panel offers a domain restore option to restore your domain. This only restores files on your web server, not your database server. Some websites do not use a database so this is all you need to restore your site.

The files will be restored from the web server your site is currently hosted on. The restore service does not restore data from any other web server you may have previously migrated from.

Step 1: To restore your website go to Manage Domains page in the panel.

Step 2: Click the Restore button in the far right.

Step 3: Choose the options in Available Backup Dates and Restore Options.

Available Backup Dates: There are three time-frame options available for your domain’s backups:

  • 1 hour to 1 day
  • 1 day to 2 weeks
  • 2 weeks or possibly more

Restore Options: The two options allow you to either restore the selected backups to your current live site or restore the selected backups as a separate folder.

  1. The first option keeps the current site live. Your backup files are retrieved and stored in a new directory. This directory is named after your site, followed by a timestamp. Use this option if you want to view your backed up files before changing your site to the old version.
  2. The second option takes the existing backup and immediately makes it your live website. The files currently on the site are then moved to a directory named after your site, followed by a timestamp. Use this option if you want your site to immediately revert to the old version.

Step 4: Click the Restore now! button to complete this process.

Once you click the Restore button, you are redirected back to the Manage Domains page where you see a green message at the top of the page stating that the restore is processing and will complete based on how large the backups are. You will be notified via email once the restore completes.

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