How to Disable Comments in WordPress

From keeping reader attention on more relevant content to cutting down on spam posts or inappropriate conversation, there are many reasons why you might want to disable comments on WordPress. No matter your reason, you should be pleased to know that disabling comments on WordPress is quite easy.

Disable Comments by Default

By default, comments are enabled for every new WordPress blog.  If you want to disable comments, you can change the comments to be disabled by default on the Settings tab of your WordPress blog. Under the Settings header, select Discussion to load the discussion settings options.

Unselect the option that reads “Allow people to post comments on new articles”, you can find it under the “Default article settings” heading.

Automatically Close Comments

If the reason you’re disabling comments is technical, you should also consider browsing through the remainder of the Discussion Settings options. You can find several ways to give you control over detailed aspects of your comment permissions, including the ability to automatically disable comments on articles older than a certain period of time.

In the Other comment settings, Just check the box next to the Automatically close comments on articles older than [ ] days option, fill in the number of days, and save.

Disable Comments on Individual Post

If you’re looking to change the comments settings for posts that have already been published, the process is somewhat different. Head to the Posts or Pages page and search for the post that you would like to change permissions for.

Once you’ve found the post, look in the edit screen for the Discussion module. If you can’t find the discussion module, you can bring it up by selecting Screen Options in the top right section of your WordPress dashboard, and checking the “Discussion” box.

Here you can deselect the “Allow comments” button to disable comments for your old posts. Do not forget to save the post after you change any comment setting.

Bulk Comment Disabling

You can’t change comments for all published pages in one go, but you can use bulk edit to get several pages done at the same time. Just head to your dashboard, find the Posts button, and select “All Posts.” From here you can manually choose the posts that you would like to modify or use provided check box to select every post on that page.

Once you’ve got your posts ready to go, select the edit button from the Bulk Actions menu, and then select “Apply”, and change the Comments option from “Allow” to “Do Not Allow.” That’s it! Just click the update button and repeat as many times as necessary to disable commenting on every page where it’s necessary.

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