How to Backup Your Website in DreamHost

DreamHost offers its users the option to backup the entire website with just one click. The ‘One-Click’ backup option is a very simple way to backup your entire account, including all users, databases, and mailboxes.

Backup Your Website

Step 1: Go to Backup Your Account page.

Step 2: Click on Back me up! to generate a complete backup of your account.

The backup will take some time to complete depending on the size of content. You will be emailed once the backup is finished.

Step 3: Once the backup completes, you’ll see all of your files listed in your panel with .tar.gz or .sql.gz extensions.

The backup file will include the current contents of all your FTP users, mailboxes, and MySQL databases. All of the backups are temporarily hosted on DreamObjects for you to download locally.

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