6 Ways to Get More Followers on Pinterest

Getting followers on Pinterest has never been more important. As the 14th most popular site in the United States, Pinterest staggers only slightly behind its rivals Facebook and Twitter. It’s also the fastest growing standalone website in the history of the internet, nearly doubling its unique visitor count in a matter of only three months.

If this seems worthy of your attention, the following list of ways to get more followers can help you improve Pinterest game in a way that is guaranteed to improve your follower count.

1. Consolidate your Social Networking

By connecting your Pinterest account to your other social networking profiles on sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can have your newly pinned content easily appear on all your accounts.  Although this integration should be used with both discretion and moderation as to not flood users who follow you on several networks, consolidating your social networking is a great way to raise attention your page.

2. Always Use the “Pin It” Button

At least half of the battle to earn more of a following can be won by getting more traffic to your page. One of the best ways to get that traffic is to make it easy for those who visit your content to share it and follow you. This can be done by liberally using the “Pin It” and “Follow” buttons on your content whenever possible. Best of all, shared content is one surefire way for you to get more followers.

3. Collaborate with Competition

While there’s not much talk of Pinterest’s contributor boards, they are one of the most valuable features that Pinterest offers. Contributor boards allow you to invite others to add pins on to a collective board to for a collaborative pinning effort. You can invite your followers to join boards, and when they join, the board will appear on their Pinterest page. This can create additional exposure for you to the extent of the popularity of the contributor; for the best results collaborate with larger Pinterest accounts. You can add contributors from the edit option of any of your Pinterest boards.

4. Use Distinct Boards

While Pinterest has more food boards than you can shake a stick at, how many “Five Star Chili” or “Gourmet Italian Cuisine” boards are there? Making a board that stands out in the crowd begins with a first impression, and that first impression is your board name.  Try to build a synergy between the focus of your content and the name of your board. And keep in mind that in the interests of gaining followers, you don’t have to avoid pictures and subjects that are outside of your own expertise, especially when it comes to popular topics.

5. Network by Participation

Activity is a necessary ingredient for growth on any social media site. If you pin content at regular intervals without flooding a user’s feed, you’ll get the attention that will pump up your follower count. A good number to aim for is anywhere between three and fifteen pins per day. And if this number seems daunting to you, there are tools that can help you schedule pinning to streamline and automate the process.

6. Pin Original and Quality Content

If your page looks the same as everyone else’s, you’ll have a hard time standing out from the crowd. It’s important you hold a high standard for your pinned content. It’s also important to have at least some original content to keep your page engaging. And if you’re looking to give an edge to the quality of your content, at least one industry study has shown that colorful pictures with minimal white space perform best on Pinterest.

7. Comment for Engagement

While the comment feature has been around for a while, it’s still largely ignored by most users. But commenting is an excellent way to develop traffic to your content. When users find you commenting and interacting on their board will
be much more likely to follow your page.

8. Tag and Caption

If you’re trying to increase your follower count, it’s crucial that you break away from the habit of leaving short or sparse captions. Succinct yet descriptive captions make your pins more searchable, and appropriately placed hash tags can magnify that effect. Just make sure that you don’t over-tag your content or it will look like spam to eagle-eyed viewers.

9. Find and Follow

One of the best ways to earn followers is to become one, because many users reciprocate following. If you don’t know who to follow or where to get started, head to Pinterest and select your name to open the “Find Friends” link. It’s also a good idea to follow some of the more popular accounts on Pinterest to get examples of what the professionals are posting to learn from them.

10. Use Cover Images

Your next follower may only be one click away from visiting your content and subscribing to your page, but getting that first click can be a challenge. A cover image is a graphic designed specifically to lure viewers to your content and are ideal for sharing e-books, blog posts, tutorials, and similar services.

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