7 Best Free Plagiarism Checker

Not every plagiarism checker is designed for general purpose use. Students and professors often need very different tools and features than publishers and editors. Fortunately it’s easy to divide all important distinguishing features into five simple categories: support, features, report type, accuracy, and account options. While ease of use is generally a significant consideration in a software review, plagiarism checkers tend to be simple enough for just about anyone to navigate with ease.

1. Plagiarism Checker

As a staple service of the plagiarism checking world, Plagiarism Checker allows you to enter particular phrases into a search box and select the search engine you want to search from. The site will then do an analysis of the search results and review any sites that contain matching content. While this methodology is mostly useful for teachers reviewing student papers, Plagiarism Checker also offers the ability to create Google Alerts that can be useful for more forward-looking plagiarism detection.

2. Dustball Plagiarism Checker

Dustball’s detection can be broken into two types, free and premium. The free version of the service is essentially as valuable as any other free plagiarism checker, offering only bare functionality and simple search field based plagiarism detection. On the other hand, for an $8 monthly subscription fee, the premium version offers three times greater accuracy than the free counterpart, can ignore quoted text to skip cited material, and allows users to directly upload Word files to the service. However, the monthly subscription is limited to 50 uses with each additional use costing $0.25 USD.

3. DupliChecker

There’s no question that free plagiarism checkers tend to be ineffective when it comes time for a comprehensive search of the deepest recesses of the Internet. But many free checkers work better than others, and there are a number of them that work particularly well for those who can’t afford to opt for a premium service. DupliChecker is one such example.

While DuipliChecker doesn’t have perfect accuracy, you can expect a more than reasonable detection rate when compared to other free plagiarism checkers. Due to a 1,500 word search limit, using DupliChecker is largely like using Google itself minus the hard word limit. While this methodology offers lower accuracy for sites that don’t perform well in search results, it should be more than sufficient for most plagiarism detection.

4. Advanced Plagiarism Checker

Advanced Plagiarism Checker allows you to enter content by one of three methods: entering text, entering a URL, or uploading files. You can also extend the sensitivity of your report in order to scan surface elements of the web or deeper and lengthier scans to scour even more search results. Living up to its name, Advanced Plagiarism Checker scours Bing and Yahoo rather than Google, generates a free report regarding any potentially plagiarized elements that come up in your search, and is completely free to use.

5. Copyscape

Although the free version of Copyscape is little more than a modest service that allows you to exchange a website URL to search for plagiarized versions of that content, that free service has become an immensely popular way to battle plagiarism in the past few years. As one of the most common plagiarism detection services used today, Copyscape is helps webmasters and content creators from around the world to protect themselves from plagiarism with little more than a URL.

The premium version of Copyscape is equally exciting, offering infinite plagiarisms scans, batch searches for up to 10,000 pages, and even a unique custom API that allows web developers to engage in even more advanced searches of the net. You can even index your own content, check it for present plagiarism, and keep that index current to protect yourself against future cases with early detection. And because Copyscape is all about advanced features and high functionality, you can even blacklist detected results that you’re already aware of.

6. Article Checker

Because the Article Checker website is so simple, the site may appear somewhat barren to contemporary Internet users. But while Article Checker may not be much to look at, it does have a lot to offer. With the same type of URL-based content search that the free version of Copyscape offers as well as the same type of free text-based content searching of Advanced Plagiarism Checker, Article Checker is your one stop shop for free plagiarism detection. And to distinguish itself from other services, Article Checker utilizes both Google and Yahoo to perform its search.

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