4 Best Evernote Alternatives

If you’ve tried Evernote and discovered that it left you wanting, don’t fret. There are dozens of great Evernote alternatives available, most of which are completely free.

Although Evernote isn’t for everyone, with a little reading, it’s easy to find a perfect match for your own note needs. Below we’ll look at five Evernote alternatives, paying special attention to their unique features.

1. Google Keep

If you want your app to create basic lists and reminders, like a sticky note, Google Keep is exactly what you’re looking for. As a member of the Google family, Google Keep is completely supported by Android, and the associated Android widget is actually surprisingly useful for digging into your notes quickly. Of course Google Keep is simple enough to comfortably use on any device, but many people find the widget useful enough to run this app on their Android devices, even if they want to use a more robust app elsewhere.

2. OneNote

To compete with Google’s entry on this list we have Microsoft’s OneNote. Although OneNote had humble beginnings, today it’s one of the most popular note apps, supporting nearly all Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Like with some of the more substantive note taking apps, OneNote allows you to take notes as lists, photos, and even voice recordings. And naturally, these notes can be synced on all your devices with just one tap. OneNote may lack special functions and features to really make it stand out, but there’s no denying that it’s good at what it does.

3. Simplenote

If you’re looking for a straightforward, no-nonsense app, Simplenote is it. Living up to its name, and in a fashion similar to Google keep, Simplenote isn’t concerned with offering any bells and whistles. Simplenote tries to offer you everything you need, and nothing more. That includes every safety and accessibility convenience of modern note apps, including file backup and sync across your devices, a quick search tool to help you find the notes you’re looking for, and a powerful note tagging system.

4. Quip

In many respects, Quip’s leading strength is cross platform support. This app can be found on iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and virtually anything else with an Internet connection. This means that no matter how many devices you have, Quip can help you keep your thoughts organized in a coherent manner. Quip also makes it easy to sort through files and folders, share that data with others, and store files and notes for collaborative projects.

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