6 Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Name

One of the first things that you will do when starting an online business is to think of a domain name for your website. A domain name can have a huge impact in the way that people and search engines perceive your website.

A good domain name gives credibility to your website, creates brand awareness and makes it easier for readers to find you again. Here are some important points to remember when choosing your domain name.

1. Stick with .Com

There are a number of top-level domains (TLD’s) but .com is the preferred extension for any business. Most browsers will autocomplete .com, so if someone types “example” in the browser location bar, they will automatically be sent to example.com.

If you can’t get the .com domain of your choice, then you can should choose the .net, .org, .edu or other country-specific top level domains (TLDs) (like .in, ., .sg, etc).

2. Memorable

You should choose a short, easy to remember, and easy to type domain name. If people remember your domain name then they are more likely to come back.

Short domain names are also easier to share and people are less likely to make a mistake typing it.

3. Branding

A brandable name gives you a distinct identity. Most successful Internet brands don’t have a single keyword in them: Google, Yahoo, Twitter, FaceBook, and YouTube.

4. Keywords

If your domain name contains keywords then you have chances to appear higher in the search results. You should try to have a keyword in your domain name related to your business name, brand, and/or product.

5. No Hyphens

Hyphens make it hard to remember domain name. Also most people think that the hyphenated domain names are spammy.

6. Avoid Trademarked Names

You should avoid using names that include well-known trademarks. If you register a domain name with Trademarked name, then you are likely to receive an email from their legal department alleging that you are infringing their trademark.

In short your domain name should be memorable, pronounceable, short, easily spelled and suggests the nature of your website.

It is likely that the domain name that you were looking for is already taken but there are many more names that you can choose. The longer you wait the more difficult it will be for you to choose a good domain.

You can register domain names through GoDaddy, and NameCheap.

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