12 Best Ways to Make Money Online in India

When it comes to making money online, conventional wisdom holds that you need to speculate in order to accumulate. And thanks to the Internet, there are now nearly limitless ways to create and develop revenue streams that require no more than a little know-how and hard work.

Of all the various methods to make money online, the following twelve options include some of the most rewarding, profitable, and sure-fire methods of making money online today.

1. Blogging

Countless bloggers have already made a living out of their passion with little more than a free domain name and some basic writing skills. Bloggers can accrue profit by any number of means, but two of the most popular methods include affiliate marketing and selling advertising space. With perseverance, just about anyone can develop a blog and attract traffic, which makes blogging one of the easiest ways to create a passive income online.

2. Affiliate Marketing

As the primary alternative to advertising revenue for independent domains and blogs, affiliate marketing allows you to monetize your existing content without having to appeal to advertising networks. With affiliate marketing, affiliates are paid by businesses for marketing products on their behalf. And blogging and affiliate marketing frequently go hand in hand when the subject matter of the blog can easily be monetized. For instance, a blog about salt water aquariums could find join an affiliate network that sold aquarium supplies for rapid monetization.

3. Freelancing

Freelance work is available through a variety of popular job websites. Perhaps the most famous example is Upwork, where freelancers can find thousands of jobs from almost every imaginable industry. Countless programmers, mobile developers, designers, writers, and marketers have already gathered to sites like Elance to take part in the burgeoning online market for independent contractors.

4. Stock Photography

Along with the growing demand for freelancers come increased opportunities for photographers. Websites like Shutterstock require thousands of images, most of which are relatively mundane or nondescript, and nearly all of which can be achieved with no more than a smartphone camera. While creating stock photography may not be the most creative work found on this list, it’s also some of the most consistent and reliable.

5. YouTube

Creating your own YouTube videos can provide considerable ad revenue when your page is able to acquire a steady stream of traffic. However, success on YouTube requires both original content and frequent content updates. While it’s possible that your content will go viral and your channel will become an overnight success, it takes no more than a consistent stream of new video content to begin cashing in on the YouTube advertising network.

6. Sell Your Things Online

Selling your possessions or products online is simpler than ever before thanks to platforms like EBay and Amazon. Becoming an Amazon merchant is free and simple to do. It takes only a few minutes to post your items online and make them available to a world full of consumers. Similarly, posting auctions to sites like EBay is a potent way to create revenue without any significant skill requirement for doing so.

7. eBook Writing

One of the most compelling alternatives to blogging is eBook writing. Ever since Amazon Kindle created its independent eBook publishing platform, thousands of small authors have produced inexpensive eBooks on almost every subject imaginable. No matter if you want to write the next bestseller or you just have a small project in mind, writing eBooks on nearly any subject can be a potent source of profit.

8. Domain Name Flipping

As the name suggests, domain name flipping involves buying a domain name and reselling it before or after you’ve developed the domain. Flipping a domain name before the associated domain has been developed into a functioning and travelled website is typically possible only by speculating regarding the future value of the domain name. For example, following the widespread success of Chatroulette.com, domain spinoffs of this viral website became valuable almost overnight. For those who are able to speculate correctly or sell domains that they’ve purchased and developed, the profitability of those domains can be substantial.

9. Web Designing

While modern web designers have to learn a variety of programming languages, this obstacle shouldn’t be a strong deterrent for anyone serious about making money online. Languages like HTML and Java are actually highly intuitive, and the learning curve for web development work is aided by developer tools like Adobe Dreamweaver. Best of all, for those who are willing to put in the time and effort to get oriented in the world of web design, there’s no shortage of jobs available for developers of nearly all skill levels.

10. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) is a professional administrative assistant who provides support to a client remotely from a home office. Virtual assistants utilize technology like Skype and Google Voice to handle a client’s email, phone call conferences, and similar administrative duties. The VA profession is especially popular in web development, marketing, IT, law firms, and the medical profession.

11. eTutor

Similar to becoming a VA, an e-tutor works from home to tutor students anywhere in the world and in all grade levels. Typically an eTutor must possess a four year degree or demonstrate proficiency in the subject that they will be teaching. Once hired, an eTutor may work either as an employee or an independent contractor on one of the many tutoring websites online today.

12. Fiverr

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for services starting at five dollars. From music and audio to video and animation, Fiverr allows you to market just about any skill you have. While a five dollar commission may sound small, the wealth of work available through Fiverr and sites like it are more than enough to provide a serious boost to your income.

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